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How to find drivers of computer devices (Win8)

How to find drivers of computer devices

Drivers of computer devices

Driver is responsible of driving any thing, literally no matter it is an automobile or a computer device, driver always play a crucial role in both cases. So i can hope that you have guessed now about which thing i’m talking about. Yes, this post is all about Drivers of computer (obviously not about driver of an automobiles ). Most of the time its a mess to find the exact drivers of your computer device even some times can’t be find through the website of official manufacturer of the device. I saw so many people who spend their whole day on searching the web for finding the drivers but all their effort goes in vain. Now no more, here in this post you’ll learn how you can find drivers of computer devices.

Procedure to find The Drivers of computer devices

Follow the given steps to find the drivers of your computer devices

1-First go to device manager.

2-Find the device whom drivers you want to install. Right click on that device and then click on properties. Another dialogue box will appear as shown

3-After that, click on detail tab and chose Hardware ID from the property drop down menu and copy the text from the dialogue box by pressing ctrl+c as shown.

4- Open and paste the copies text in search field and press enter.

5-The first link should be of Driver identifier. Open that link and click on download button as shown

Note: Driver identifier ask you about to login into your account in order to download your required driver. So if you are new to Driver identifier then spent some time and make a new account. Driver identifier offering both free and paid accounts. Chose accordingly, free account works just fine.

That’s all on How to find drivers of computer devices by following above simple steps you can easily find the exact drivers of any computer device. There’s another method for this which i’ll cover in another post. If you have any other question then do let me know, leave your question in the comment below.We’ll more than happy to answer your quires.

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How to increase computer shut down speed in windows 8

How to increase computer shut down speed in windows 8

Increase Computer Shut Down Speed

Speed does matters, yes it’s true. No matter what kind of speed you are thinking of, speed always matter. But here in this post we are going to discuss the speed related to computer shut down (obviously is not goings to talk about the speed of motor bike ). We often come across the problem of slow computer shutdown in other words computer takes a lot of time to shut down completely. Many of us can’t bear the pain of waiting, and after waiting for couple of seconds we switch off the computer from the power outlet (that’s what we all usually do). But it’s not the solution of this problem. Here in this post we’ll learn how we can increase computer shut down speed in windows 8. SO without wasting time let’s get started.

Procedure to Increase Computer Shut Down Speed

To increase computer shut down speed follow the given simple steps.

1-Open run dialog box and for this purpose Press win+R key from your keyboard or open it manually (it’s totally up to you).

2- Now enter Regedit in the text field of run dialog box as shown. It will open registry editor.

3- Now double click on Hkey_Local_Machine folder from left side of registry editor. It will open a list of other folders. Now navigate to the Control folder as shown.
Hkey_local_Machine — > SYSTEM — > ControlSet001 — > Control

– > After reaching Control folder, see in right side window of registry editor and find WaitToKillServic… which usually present at last of the given registry values.

4- Now double click on WaitToKillService which will open another dialog box named as Edit string. Now change the Value data to 2000 as shown as shown.

5-Restart your computer to make changes take effect.

By performing the above simple steps we can easily increase computer shut down speed in windows 8. The best thing about this method is that, it’s easy to follow and most importantly it works. Isn’t it? If you have any kind of question related to “how we can increase computer shut down speed” or Facing any kind of problems related to this particular tutorial then feel free to ask. Leave your question in the comments below. We really appreciate your quires.

Thanks :)

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21 useful Run commands

21 useful Run commands

Run commands

People always looking for the ways by which they can perform their work quickly. In Microsoft windows Run dialog box is there to serve the same. By using Run dialog box we can launch any program/application quickly by just entering couple of words in it. Today in this post i’m going to share with you 21 Useful Run commands, Which really will increase your work speed in Microsoft Windows.

21 Useful Run Commands

Following are the some useful Run commands .
Note: Shortcut key to launch Run dialog box is Win + R

1) winver
It tells you about the windows version.

2) calc
this command can be used to launch calculator.

3) msconfig
This command will open Windows startup Configuration dialog box.
4) taskmgr
It will open Task Manager.
5) Control
This command is used to open Control Panel in windows.
6) regedit
This command is really handy and used for to open windows registry.
7) cmd
cmd run command is used for to open command prompt.
8) appwiz.cpl
By entering this command in run dialog box, it will open add remove program dialog box.
9) firewall.cpl
if you want to open firewall settings in windows then enter this command in run dialog box.
10) compmgmt.msc
This command is used to open Computer Management settings.
11) dxdiag
This run command is used to open direct x troubleshooter.
12) fonts
fonts command is used to open All installed windows fonts.
13) mspaint
if you want to launch Ms paint in Microsoft windows then use this run command.
14) sticpl.cpl
This command can be used to open camera and scanner setting in windows.
15) igfxzoom
igfxzoom command is used to open Zoom utility inside Microsoft Windows.
16) shutdown
This command is used to shutdown the computer.
17) Write
it can be used to launch Wordpad.
18) wmplayer
this command will open Windows media player.
19) msinfo32
This is very important run command and used for to attain the system information.
20) explorer
Explorer command is used for to open windows explorer (not internet explorer).
21) iexplore.exe
This command is used to open internet explorer in Microsoft Windows.

These are some useful run commands which are really helpful to everyone.If you want to share other important Run commands which isn’t listed in this post then feel free to share it in the comments below.

What is BSOD (blue screen of death) and why do it occur?

What is BSOD ? (blue screen of death) 

BSOD (blue screen of Death)

BSOD stands for blue screen of death. Basically, its a blue screen error, whenever it occurs we haven’t any option except of restarting the computer. All those who have used windows xp, they probably know this BSOD (blue screen of death) error very well.

Above is the BSOD error picture to show you how exactly it looks like. I think it is the most maddening error that one can ever see on their computer screen. Totally irksome. Why this error occurs? Well if you are looking for the answer of this question then you come to the right place. Here in this post we will look reasons behind of BSOD error. So without wasting our time, let’s get into it.

Reasons of Occurring BSOD (Blue screen of Death)

The causes of BSOD is given below

1)Viruses are the main reason behind the occurrence of BSOD (blue screen of death).Whenever virus intercepts any vital ongoing process of OS (operating system) then in result this blue screen error usually occurs. Having a good antivirus installed is a good option to fight against viruses which ultimately save you from this blue screen error.

2)Hardware malfunctioning also can be the cause of blue screen error. Computer components like HDD (hard disk) and RAM (random access memory) are the main two components which usually become malfunctioned and oppose BSOD error. To identify this problem, one should run memory test on their system RAM and do disk check test for to identify the errors in HDD.

3)Dust at the RAM’s notches is another major cause behind BSOD (blue screen of death) error. Believe it or not, that’s true accord to my own experience. So to wipe out this issue, you have to clean the notches of your system RAMs which is quite easy to do. You can use pencil eraser to clean up your system RAM notches.

4)Installation of Unmatched or unsupportive drivers are also cause the blue screen of death error. So be sure and install only the matched and correct drivers of your system devices.

So above are the main incentives of occurring BSOD or blue screen error. I hope this definitely helps you to understand exactly what is BSOD and why do it occur. If you know any other reason behind the occurrence of BSOD then let us know in the comments below and tell what solutions you adapt to eliminate this evil problem.

Thank you :)

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Best Activator for Windows 7,8 and Office 2013 Mega Pack (July 2013) | 153 Mb

Best Activator for Windows 7,8 and Office 2013 Mega Pack (July 2013) | 153 Mb

Pack content:
Microsoft Windows 8 Offline Activator 2013
Windows 8 Premium Activator 2013 v1.0
Windows 8 Permanent Activator K.J_121022E 2013 Final
Windows 8 Permanent Activator 2013 v1.0 Final
Windows 8 All Editions Premium Activator 2013 v1.0
Windows 8 Pro Activator v2.0 Final
Windows 7 Permanent Activator RemoveWAT v2.2.6 Final
Windows 7 Permanent Activator Loader eXtreme Edition v3.503 Final
Windows 7 Loader Permanent Activator v2.2.1 Final
KMSAuto Pro v1.20 Final Portable

More information and instructions can be found in the document text.


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